Project no.2

NOW WE ARE COOKING - project published in KUDOS magazine July/August 2014

The brief from Kate Harris:

  • The kitchen was the one room that she really wanted to change. ''It had a bit of 1980s vibe,'' she says.''It was quite dark,with multi-coloured tiles, wooden units and wooden countertops.I like wood but wooden counters are so hard to maintain. When I'm cooking, I'm more likely to put a hot pan on the worktop without thinking,so I wanted something durable to cope with that.''

  • ''The cupboards were fine,but weren't designed to fit the kitchen. It's quite a small kitchen and the space wasn't used to its maximum. Although the storage was adequate,it wasn't perfect.''

  • ''I kept seeing wooden countertops in magazines and thinking how lovely they looked,but I had to keep telling myself, 'You can't have wooden countertop'. Having a more durable surface that's easy to maintain is much more sensible.''

The result....again, from Kate Harris:

  • ''One thing I did want was a bigger oven because I cook a lot. We couldn't have a range cooker because that just wouldn't work in the space, so Cris suggested a 90cm oven to give me that extra cooking capacity. I love it and it's perfect in that space.''

  • ''To absolutely maximise storage, Cris built the cupboards in the hallway, so our kitchen extends slighty into the hallway to give us a bit of extra space. When we first moved in, there was a door into the kitchen,but we took that off because it felt so confining. We widened the doorway a little bit, so the hall and the kitchen flow together a bit more and it makes it feel a bit bigger. The new cupboard in the hall is perfect as a sort of pantry for storing tins and such.''

  • ''Cris was very involved in every step of the process and is a real detail person, a perfectionist. The transformation was efficient and trouble-free. Corian worktops, Miele appliances, Liebherr fridge with drawers that pull out rather than opening like a traditional fridge. With our old fridge, my husband said he was sick of opening the door and the yoghurt falling out, and I was fed up with getting on my hands and knees and rummaging around to find something at the back.''

  • ''We really appreciate Cris's efforts - he has an amazing work ethic. He's so customer focused; he just wants you to be happy with your kitchen. He's so passionate about his work. Everyone else he works with, produce work of such quality.''

  • ''Now I've got my dream kitchen, I'll be spending even more time in there!''

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