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Cris is passionate about Kitchen Design and has over 20 years experience.


He loves what he's doing and he always put the same amount of passion, dedication and enthusiasm in all of his designs.

His main priority is to help you with a kitchen design that is both right for you and your family, and it falls within the budget you have allocated for it.


Cris can offer you more imaginative designs, so you can avoid visiting lots of different showrooms. He can also help you find the perfect kitchen furniture, worktops, appliances and accessories that will fit your budget.


Cris offers a consultation service that comes at £40.00 per hour plus travel expenses if outside Tunbridge Wells area.

At this meeting, he will discuss your requirements and make suggestions

on different layouts that will work best for the space. 

You can put a cap on the time you wish to purchase before he starts

( i.e. £20.00 for half an hour) .

Payment in full is required at the end of the consultation.

Prior to the initial consultation Cris will send you a Design Assessment questionnaire to complete and send back before your appointment.

This provides some important background information on your requirements and current concerns. 

Please note that he doesn't supply any kitchen furniture, worktops or appliances

Cris Sega

Kitchen Design Consultant

Tel: 07789 455928